*UN concerned by dire condition of AFG children. 16M in need of winter aid. EU adds 3M euros to humanitarian fund.

*On anniversary of female university & NGO work bans, calls for lifting restrictions. OCHA: Female condition deteriorating.

*Russian envoy Kabulov visits Kabul. Moscow for "developing ties" with IE.

*Acting FM Mutaqi in Tehran conference & bilateral talks. Critical of "world double standards".

*IE dismisses PAK claims Afghan territory used in terrorism. Adds need evidence.

*IE reviews revised China MCC copper mine bid.

*5 nephrite mining contracts signed.

*PAK mid year exports rise to +$230M.

*UN reports violence against AFG children. IE denies.

*Ex MP Rahmani accused of corruption. One company folds in Germany.


*IRC: Afghanistan facing risk of humanitarian crises. *UNSC extends 1988 AFG sanctions regime monitoring mandate.

*US: discussing US detainee release with IE. *PAK asks IE to pursue attack perpetrators. TB say not related to AFG.

*Kabul: PAK putting pressure with refugees.

*Iran asks UN aid to return AFG refugees.

*AFG sign power import contract.

*Italy diplomat in talks in Kabul.

*UNAMA urges Taliban to protect women from violence.

*AI welcomes release of Neda Parwani. 3 others still detained.

*US envoy in talks in Saudi urges action. *PAK CoAS in US talks incl AFG.

*Khalilzad: Islamabad & Kabul should negotiate to avoid crisis.

*IE Dep. Political head Mowlawi A. Kabir returns to work.

*IE Red Crescent head in Switzerland.


*US Treasury sanctions 2 IE higher ranks. TB criticize decision.
*US envoy in PAK discusses CT, refugees & AFG issues.
*Biden to Congress: US ready to respond to 'Possible Threats' from AFG.
*IE Chief of Army Staff Fitrat: war not the solution; opposition should raise problems through dialogue.
*DepFM Stanikzai: Ban on girls' schooling cause of distance with public & IC.
*UNODC: poppy cultivation in AFG down by 95%.
*De facto gov: corruption near zero.
*UN rapporteur at accountability conference on AFG war crimes: impunity experienced for decades.
*US envoy Amiri calls for release of female HR detainees.
*EU: gender “apartheid” exists in AFG
*Qatar to host girls’ education rights gathering this week.
*India gov confirms AFG embassy & consulates operational.
*PAK COAS: illegal foreign citizens have seriously affected the security/economy returning migrants is beneficial.
*Ex PAK PM Khan: "1.5M Afghan immigrants are not a heavy burden for a nation of 250M people."
*IE to distribute 200k land plots to returnees.
*PAK: 482K Afghans repatriated thus far.
*Iran: +13k Afghans repatriated this week.
*Mofa criticizes US UNSC veto on Gaza.
*UK provides £5.5m for HALO AFG demining work.


*UN humanitarian coordinator: climate change unfolding in AFG.

*World Bank to start 45 incomplete AFG projects. IE welcomes report.

*China: AFG should not be excluded from IC. Expecting AFG to build open/inclusive political structure, adopt moderate/prudent policies, CT, integrate into world community.

*EU: PAK deportation of refugees a “clear injustice”. *US diplomats discuss refugee concerns in PAK. *Tajik Prez. stresses the need for resumption of CASA-1000 project.

*IE to fund professional cancer/cardiac health facility. *DAB: to standardize AFG banking services. *2 Qatari flights bring aid to Herat.

*Malala: Islam does not condone denying girls/women their rights to education/work.

*AFG opposition in Vienna: agreed roadmap & future framework. TB: meeting not in interest of people.

*Australia warns against AFG travel.

*UK publication: AFG a top tourist destination.


*UN Sp Coordinator briefs UNSC on AFG assessment.
*Germany allocates 60M Euros for WFP AFG programs.
*NEPA criticizes AFG absence at COP28.
*Media: Afghan embassy in India reopens with de facto ties to Kabul.
*International delegation of Islamic scholars start meetings in Kabul.
*Karzai: international community should not seek forced removal of current govt.
*Newly trained IE commando units graduate MoD.
*UN rapporteur: women & girls access to jobs & educations worsened over 2 years.
*Iran: Afghans lacking residency to be deported.
*NRC :concerned about Afghan refugee expulsion from PAK.
*50 tons of Qatar aid arrives in Herat.
*Bank withdrawal limit up to $1000 per week.



*Caretaker FM to oversee IE Dep. Political portfolio in Kabul.
*Taliban envoy: UN seat being used as pressure on IE. Recognition can help address issues. More embassies to open in Kabul soon.
*Uzbek Prez: Afghanistan critical to regional stability. Conference calls to alleviate AFG humanitarian crisis.
*Post Russia parliamentary Afghan opposition meeting, Moscow envoy meets caretaker FM in Kabul.
*PAK MoI: +300K Afghan "illegals" returned. All to be forced out by end of year.
*WFP needs $27M to feed 1M returnees.
*IE appoints Ambassador to China.
*MoFA: AFG embassy in India still open.
*ICG: AFG faces climate change disasters. No decision yet on AFG participation in COP28 in UAE./


*Taliban mobilize aid & services for returnees from Pakistan & Iran.
*PAK announces policy shift toward AFG while IE leaders criticize refugee expulsion mode.
*Polio vaccination starts in 21 provinces.
*Kabul electricity supply reduced as dam water levels down.
*IE spox: AFG committed to water rights treaty with Iran.
*Iran envoy & India MFA discuss Chabahar & AFG trade/transit.
*43 oil tankers carrying sub standard oil from Iran halted at border.
*China businesses visit Kandahar.
*Herat Security Dialogue conf. starts in Dushanbe.

Critical data, critical issue for a country in semi isolation. Also for the wellbeing of 40M+ population that is highly vulnerable in a risk prone environment.

Seen by some as a technical issue needing all-hands-on-deck!

Others also see it as a CBM needing stakeholder attention.

Regardless, on the eve of @COP28_UAE #COP28, both the IC & the de facto government need to get off their high horses & realize what’s at stake with hurtful policies/restrictions by focusing on targeted resource allocation, climate disaster mitigation & management priorities.

در این برنامه موضوع بهبود روابط حاکمیت طالبان با ایران را در ابعاد دوجانبه، منطقوی و فرا منطقوی به بحث میگیریم